With little assistance and creativity, seniors can continue to enjoy the kind of gardening that they've always loved. Following are six tips for seniors and the caregivers who help them.

• Herbs grow anywhere and are great for seasoning. Kitchen herb gardens are wonderful for seniors. The more you pinch and pick the herbs, such as basil, parsley and chives, the more vigorous they grow.

• Think height, filler and spiller. When you're creating flowerpots, consider height, filler and spiller. Plant a variety that will grow at least two times as tall as the container, fill in with plants that will grow to no more than half of the height of the taller plants, and then plant a variety that will cascade down.

• When it comes to annuals, pack them in. When you create flowerpots, pack your annual in because they will become root-bound and grow up and over the pots. You'll get drama and beautiful arrangement.

• Look for equipment that can make the job easier. There are many wonderful tools available that can make gardening easier for anyone including seniors. Bud-Eze tools, which can be found on the Internet, are good option, as are bionic gloves, according to Kolls. In addition, the Arthritis Foundation has a product and services directory for senior gardeners and others with mobility problems.

• Garden right outside your front door or back door. Container gardening allows seniors access o flowers or vegetables in one pot and also gives them the height that helps make gardening easier for them. Team with others to garden.

• If a senior can't garden anymore, offer to help by following their orders in how they would like it done.