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What Makes A Good Caregiver Great and Preventing Caregiving Burn Out

So, what is that thing that makes a good caregiver great?

• The Client is #1, truthful, loyal, on time
• Patience, quality of work, dependability, good reporting
• Communication, pleasant, patient
• Good listener, observant, caring
• Don't bring personal problems to client's environment, don't be bossy, adjust your approach to the client
• Tolerant, patient, humble, able to work with tough clients
• Really care about your job, good listener, involve them in their care, teamwork
• Ready to learn, customize your care, client is your priority, use all your heart
• Passion for adult care, patient, good listening skills, and cooperative
• Treat your client as if they are your own family
• Patience, love your work, kind, rapport with client, CNA skills
• Love your neighbors as yourself, need to love to work for older individuals, show clients your compassion
• Patience, heart for the work, and humanity in general
• Passion, client comes first, treat them as you would your own family
• Comes from your heart, love for the elderly, listen, don't argue, do it their way and learn
• Don't take anything personally
• Show them that you care, let them know you are there for them, show them love
• Patience, nurturing ability, listen, anticipate their needs, simplify/make things easier
• Loving heart, treat them as you would your parent, don't get offended
• Allow them privacy, listen to what they want
• It's not about the money, loving/servant heart, patience, like the work, problem solvers
• Love your job, patience, be nice and courteous, put their needs before your own

It’s long been recognized that caregivers are critical to the well-being of many individuals with disabilities. Caregivers play a huge role in socialization and communication for the people they care for. Effective communication is more important than anything else, when it comes to caring for someone. As well as making sure they are in a safe environment.

Being a caregiver is an important job and it can be very rewarding, but it's important for caregivers to take care of themselves. Here are tips and resources for caregivers.

Simple relaxation tips include:

• Take a few deep breaths
• Listen to music that relaxes you
• Make a cup of herbal tea
• Take advantage of your day off
• Stretch out your limbs
• Rent a funny movie
• Watch a funny video online
• Go for a walk around the block
• Take a bath
• Write in a journal

Sighted from Health Bridge Home Care.

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