by Leslie Hubbard, RN

Being a Pediatric Home Health nurse can sometimes be overwhelming, but has the potential to be an incredibly rewarding career where one has the opportunity to truly make a difference in a patient’s life and provide the type of holistic care that often isn’t possible in a hospital setting.

This month let’s talk about how to make Home Health Nursing, for Pediatric patients, a reward every time, by learning some "tricks of the trade" to make each day a bit easier, and difficult situations more manageable. This comes from an anonymous article about home health.

The nurse states, "A bad day in home health is better than a good day in the hospital." Home Health truly gives the family the ability to exist in their own environment, and gives nurses the ability to provide excellent one on one care. This nurse lists some wonderful advice for all of us in home health:

1. Have a sense of humor

2. Be open minded

3. Learn to modify

4. Be flexible

5. Be prepared

6. Be organized

7. Don’t be afraid of paperwork

8. Keep your nursing skills up!

This writer states that all these tips help you to create an …"enjoyable and fullfilling division of nursing." The sense of humor allows us to grow and develop rapport with the patient, the open mindedness allows us to be able to exist in a home that may have different beliefs that ourselves. Some of the advice may seem self explanatory but they are advice from a veteran in home health. Sometimes they are things that we as nurses tend to overlook. When working with the pediatric clientele the things we face on a day to day basis, from tantrums to melt­downs, are stressful and require our full attention. These tools for ourselves will allow us to enjoy what we do, and provide a warm hearted reward that not many nurses get to experience.