Seniors with health problems tend to be less active. The overall health of sedentary seniors might improve greatly if they engaged in some sort of physical activity. There are many forms of fitness ideas for seniors who also are confined to their home. Begin slowly and build up gradually.

Before starting any type of exercise, get your doctor’s approval.

Plan to exercise two or three days a week. Any type of physical activity will do. The idea is to keep the body moving. Do not rush through them. Take your time.

Walk Through Each Room in the House

Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. Senior can lose weight by walking indoors, by walking into and out through every room in their house. Start slowly and increase the pace when you feel comfortable doing so. Walk into one room and walk around the room-wall to wall. Walk slowly to start. The goal is to walk briskly and quickly. Continue walking at the same pace through each room-wall to wall-in the house. Start walking slowly. Increase the pace when you feel comfortable doing so. In fact, you might only want to walk through one room to begin with. The goal is to briskly and quickly walk through every room in the house 10 times.

Make Hand Weights Using Cans in the Pantry

Hand weights will strengthen your arms and tighten the flab under the arm. Use two filled cans with soup or vegetables. Hold one can in each hand. Keep the elbows down, close to the body. Stretch them both out as far as you can and slowly bring them back to your body. The goal is to repeat this exercise as many times as you can and strengthen the arms.

Dance to Music While Watching Television

No need to buy and exercise dance album if you have music channels on your television, play fast and lively music and dance. Do any type of dance or just move to the beat of the music. It is entirely up to you. Just have fun dancing. Bend; reach your arms out, turn from side to side. Just dance anyway you want.